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Budget Holes, Hype and Horror: Grover Norquist, Neera Tanden and Bill Bixby speak at The Washington Center

By Josh DuBose

January 9, 2018

WASHINGTON – Positioning the United States as the center for global investment is where Bloomberg contributor Tyler Cowen believes establishment Republicans and “Trumpian nationalists” move past their first few awkward dates and climb into bed together. In Trump’s Economic Revolution Is All About Investment, Cowen parses out why the Republican held government is so insistent on lowering the corporate tax rate to around 20 percent. read more

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Mark Lilla’s Mistake: How conservatives indulge “identity politics”

In The End of Identity Liberalism, author Mark Lilla argues that identity politics – the idea that meeting the different needs of individual cultures and groups bonds a broadly diverse electorate – will always lose elections because it creates, by its very nature, more discord than unity. read more

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